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Black Panther Tattoo Today

Taking walk ins and appts everyday. Call the shop at 4046008123 for information 

Let’s put together your dream tattoo


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    Black Panther Tattoo Today

    Taking walk ins and appts everyday. Call the shop at 4046008123 for information

    Let’s put together your dream tattoo


    #tattoo #tattoos #art #atlanta #atlantaart #rogerparrilla #eav #eastatlanta #eastatlantaart #eastatlantavillage #blackpanther #blackpanthermarvel #marvel #comic (at Black Owl Tattoos East Atlanta Village)

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    tumblr taking a stand for net nutrality: check the radar, check our logo, here it is on your dash, here is how you can specifically help step by step we're using our social reach to make meaningful changes and we did it!!

    tumblr taking a stand for ferguson: here's a radar'ed post for the blacks this 1 time i gues

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    When you write, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.
    – Stephen King (via hello095)

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    Impetuous Query



    If indeed you wish, my brain to pick, like the bits on cooked fish

           assertions, assumptions, analys

    Put forth

    In the general breath of my direction

                 ponder the possibilites


    Sort through the letters, build up a catalog. 

               the technicalities of tactical thought

    Browbeat, batter and bind

    The need for civility is welcome, queries that dig deep praised

    My meticulous mind 

    Into intense introspection, Invariably,


                                                             I’ll interpret 

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    I forget the name of the town or the font on the club

    Three, six, nine shouts of something hard in my chest

    Putting fire in my breast

    I puff up

    like the biggest of cocks

    Roosting in the lap of some fellow

    slim like Virginia

    the smell of him sends me 

    to his neck

    biting, licking, nibble here and there on his ear

    I whisper, “Nother hit, pretty boy”

    Needle in arm, the neon swirls like cones

    I feel it slip down my bones

    the lights in my veins correspond with the pretty boys moans

    Left hand on his waist, several fingers in his mouth

    I drag my fingers on his back, my hands followed by a red track

    on his soft skin, I lick the trails and try to mend, his hisses and rolls back

    eyes drooling


    around, through and in each other

    when the morning comes

    hungover on the vacancy 


    We kiss and I send him


    Into a subtle pantomime of peace.

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    Breath it in

    Deep puffs 

    the scent of the prize

    crushes my chest with the rough smell

    the trademark scent of a love spell

    My tongue sends the flower quivering

    snake slithering

    silky oval overloaded

    Liquid, pulsing with acceptance

    the addictive substance, filling my mouth

    coloring the corners of face

    taking me to a place of bliss 

    the smell makes me reminisce

    of times passed in the backs of cars

    crammed in small beds

    sweating over a queen-sized

    carving a name for myself in the mind of someones thighs

    The smell feeling like the better of life’s lies

    It takes me

    to a place

    so musky.

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    Right Brain, Night: Self Coital Truma


    Three in morning when mental venom sticks a harpoon in the cerebellum.

    Mouth fresh a mint

    similar to the crisp cream splattered on my hand from a fever dream

    The minds matter scatted into mirrors on the ground

    Take a glance and see the past rotoscoped for my pleasure

    On top of me

    A goddess, primarily of fertility, testing my virility

    Juxtaposed to the sight of myself on my knees, Praying onto

    humming versers for, a pretty young fellow, quite like myself

    Wishing that I could flaunt and fling my capturing of his dashing face

    All would be made to see, step froward, this man is mine.

    I drink him like the girl next to us sips me down her like fine wine

    The dreams pump into me, narrative clear. The release is sudden

    drawn out

    the seconds of it’s century expanded into a half’s half hour

    the hight of the hill briefly

    Still clearly

    Lets me back to sleep.

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    Almost always associations around auspicious art acolytes arouses altogether alarming alignments augmented at a artists anxieties.
    – My subtle lack of self confidence (via decipleofbastet)

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    Electric Infatuation


    Long, late, lonely locomotion

    Stemming from my eyes

    I centers on the thighs of a girl with the prettiest of eyes

    Drawn in by her hips, hyperbolic hypothetical histories of us

    Formed by fractionally from a sentiment reminiscent of lust 

    Bought a mound of clay, sculpted an image of your bust

    Size of a sensational sun sends me singing 

    Praising, possibly pandering

    Ladies like yourself lead me to falling on my knees

    I worship at your alter, the center of my computer screen

    Wondering who you are, really

    what do you like?

    Favorite color, movie, book?

    How do you feel when you wake up and the moon’s inking in the knook

    of your room, how do you like pizza? Thin like my knowledge of you or

    Thick, like my feelings my heart tells me I have? How do you feel about

    cats? If we ever meet, dated, match made in heaven belated,

    would you be down with wearing matching hats?

    The connection with you is simply visual

    But the beats in my chest,

    at the thought of my name giving joy

    to your mind, your hopes, your dreams, your breasts

    Feels so real alternate worlds seem of seem realistically fantastical

    The connection with you is simply visual

    But affection is sincere,

    Framed Digital.

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